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Gobo Gobo Gobo Gobo Gobo Gobo Gobo Gobo Gobo Gobo Gobo Gobo

Free-standing fabric covered acoustic panel. Reversible design for use as a bass trap or broadband sound absorber. Can be used to create separation between instruments and around microphones.

  • Size: 180cm x 57.5cm x 9cm Rectangle
  • Pack Quantity: 1 unit per pack
  • Colours:  Wide range of fabric colours
  • Mounting Locations: Free-standing and lightweight – only 7.5KG

Technical Info

Impact: Highly durable & impact resistant

Material: Open cell acoustic foam absorber material. Covered plywood base.

Fire:  Fire resistant to Euroclass B (fabric) and FMVSS 302 : 2011 (core)

Suitable for schools, commercial and home use

Performance: Class A sound absorption. Extended low frequency performance from hidden membrane layer.


How to Buy 

Spectrum 2.0 products are made to order in around 7 days. Alternatively, find a stockist.


International and custom size enquiries

International delivery and custom sizes available. 

Get in touch to make an enquiry.



1 - What sound absorbing material does this product contain?

Spectrum Gobo contains a specialist open cell foam selected for its rigidity, low weight and excellent acoustic properties.

2 - How do I identify the membrane face of the Gobo?

Rub your hand on each face. The side with the membrane will make a noticeably brighter sound. This should face into the room when using the Gobo as a corner bass trap. When recording instruments or vocals, the non-membrane side should normally face the microphone for maximum high frequency absorption.

3 - How do I attach the stand?

Two screws and an Allen key are included in the package. No other tools are needed.

4 - Where should I place the different acoustic treatments?

It depends on the room’s purpose and layout. Check out the Expert Acoustic Treatment Guide that comes in the box or head over to ‘EQ Acoustics Community’ Facebook group for some personalised advice.

5 - Where should I place the different acoustic treatments?

Check out the acoustic treatment guide in our resources section or head to our Facebook group for some tailored advice.