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EQ Ceiling Acoustic Baffle


EQ Ceiling Baffle
EQ Ceiling Baffle EQ Ceiling Baffle EQ Ceiling Baffle EQ Ceiling Baffle

Fabric covered sound absorber. 100% polyester ‘Friendly Fibre’ acoustic core.

  • Size: Standard size 115cm x 28cm. Maximum size 240cm x 120cm.
  • Colours: Wide range of optional fabrics and colours
  • Mounting Locations: Ceilings
  • Custom sizes available


Technical Info

Impact: Highly durable & impact resistant

Material: Friendly fibre absorber material

    • 100% Polyester
    • Non-irritant & Non-allergenic
    • Odour free

Fire resistant to Euroclass B (dependent on fabric choice)

Suitable for schools, commercial and home use

Performance: Class A / broadband sound absorption (dependent on thickness)


Style Options 

See our full range of fabrics and colours here.

Click here to see the Wall and Ceiling Panel Style Options.


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1 - What type of sound absorbers do I need?

This is a combination of acoustic considerations and personal taste. Contact us for an expert recommendation.

2 - How many sound absorbers do I need?

This depends on the size of the space, intended use and existing materials in the building. Contact us for an expert recommendation.

3 - Can you fabricate custom designs?

Yes, contact us with details of your requirements.

4 - Do sound absorbers block outside noise?

Outside noise should be tackled with sound proofing products rather than sound absorbers and can often involve construction work. Contact us for some advice.

5 - Can you supply and install?

Depending on your location we may have an approved installer. Contact us for details.