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Resilient Bars


Resilient Bars
Resilient Bars Resilient Bars Resilient Bars

For decoupling plasterboards from studwork / ceiling joists to increase sound proofing performance

  • Size: 1350mm long x 13.5mm thick
  • Pack Quantity: 10, 20, 40, 120
  • Colours:  Silver
  • Mounting Locations: Walls, Ceilings


Technical Info

Material: Steel

Usage:  Apply to top of floor joist before laying subfloor. Ensure surface is dry and free from dust before applying.

Performance: Max 50KG / SQM Weight loading


How to Buy 

Project Foam products are made to order in around 7 days. Alternatively, find a stockist.


International and custom size enquiries

International delivery and custom sizes available. 

Get in touch to make an enquiry.



1 - How do I install resilient bars on a wall? 

 Fix resilient bars 90 degrees to stud work framing or battens. Fix with the narrow flange to the bottom and the fixing flange to the top using the desired fixing, with exception to the top bar which is fixed with the fixing flange at the bottom. Overlap adjacent bars where the join is on a timber stud or joist.

2 - What spacing should I use on a wall? 

For single boarded systems install res bars at 400mm centres, for double boarded systems install at 600mm centres. 

3 - How do I work around doors and windows? 

Where abutting door openings cut and install resilient bar noggins between horizontal bars to allow plasterboard to be fixed at the required centres. 

4 - What spacing should I use on a ceiling? 

When installing to ceilings install resilient bars at 400mm centres.