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Having made the executive decision to remove the carpet from the sales office, I naively considered it to be a move based purely on the design and aesthetic of the room – and maybe a small amount on hygiene. Whilst I was pleased with the look of our newly decorated office, what I did not bargain for was the constant battling between colleagues on the phone versus colleagues having a conversation. After several months of ‘shhh-ing’ each other, and often feeling over stimulated by the noises that bounced around the room looking for the aforementioned carpet to penetrate, I realised that we simply had to apply some acoustic treatment to the room if we wanted to keep hold of our new floor – and our friendships at work.

office fitted with acoustic panels

Working with 24 Acoustics to produce a sound report, EQ Acoustics provided us with a suite of Friendly Fibre acoustic panels to absorb the unwanted reverberations from multiple conversations. When I first entered the sales office after the installation, the atmosphere was everything – it felt cosier, warmer, softer – a more nurturing environment for us all, you could argue. Colleagues are now able to conduct (at a sensible volume!) multiple conversations without the frustration and overwhelm that come with an echo rich environment. Furthermore, the panels look fresh, subtle and furnish the room beautifully – they are certainly not an eyesore – which was a prior concern for me.

If you find yourself feeling anxious and overstimulated by the noise of your colleagues in your office, you may want to consider how acoustic treatment could transform your space and your wellbeing in the workplace.

Nathan Aspin

Director, Aspin Management Systems





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