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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products
R5 3D Acoustic Panels WaveR5 3D Acoustic Panels Wave
R5 3D Acoustic Panels Wave
Sale price£149.99
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R5 Colour Acoustic PanelR5 Colour Acoustic Panel
R5 Colour Acoustic Panel
Sale price£129.99
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R5 Acoustic Wood Panels WaveR5 Acoustic Wood Panels Wave
R5 Acoustic Wood Panels Wave
Sale price£269.99
R5 Pure Acoustic PanelsR5 Pure Acoustic Panels
R5 Pure Acoustic Panels
Sale priceFrom £139.99
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R5 3D Acoustic Panels EDMR5 3D Acoustic Panels EDM
R5 3D Acoustic Panels EDM
Sale price£149.99
R5 Printed Acoustic Panels EDMR5 Printed Acoustic Panels EDM
R5 Printed Acoustic Panels EDM
Sale price£229.99
S10C Corner Bass TrapsS10C Corner Bass Traps
S10C Corner Bass Traps
Sale price£159.99
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Freestanding Gobo Acoustic PanelFreestanding Gobo Acoustic Panel
Speaker Isolation PadsSpeaker Isolation Pads
Speaker Isolation Pads
Sale price£18.99
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L5 TileL5 Tile
L5 Tile Acoustic Panel
Sale price£169.99
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L10 TileL10 Tile
L10 Tile Acoustic Panel
Sale price£134.99
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L10 Bass TrapL10 Bass Trap
L10 Bass Trap
Sale price£144.99
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L10 Corner TrapL10 Corner Trap
L10C Corner Bass Trap
Sale price£144.99
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Save £20.00
Q5 TileQ5 Tile
Q5 Tile Acoustic Panel
Sale priceFrom £89.99 Regular price£109.99
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EQ PrintEQ Print
EQ Print Acoustic Panel
Sale price£149.99
EQ Wall PanelEQ Wall Panel
EQ Acoustic Wall Panel
Sale price£84.99
EQ Ceiling RaftEQ Ceiling Raft
EQ Acoustic Ceiling Raft
Sale price£84.99
EQ Ceiling Grid TileEQ Ceiling Grid Tile
EQ Ceiling Grid Acoustic Tile
Sale price£29.99
EQ Ceiling BaffleEQ Ceiling Baffle
EQ Ceiling Acoustic Baffle
Sale price£64.99
Friendly FibreFriendly Fibre
Friendly Fibre
Sale price£34.99

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Frequently Asked Questions About Acoustic Panels

Determining the ideal number of acoustic panels for your room is essential for achieving optimal sound quality and reducing unwanted reflections. Assessing the room size, shape, and purpose will help you estimate the quantity needed. For precise recommendations, it's advisable to consult one of our acoustic specialist or engineer who can provide personalized guidance.

Remember, strategic panel placement is equally important as quantity to maximize the effectiveness of your acoustic treatment. By investing in the right number of acoustic panels, you can create a more acoustically balanced and enjoyable environment for your specific needs.

Position panels at primary reflection points to reduce early reflections, use bass traps in corners to control low-frequency buildup, and incorporate diffusers for balanced sound diffusion. Consider additional factors like rear wall and side wall placement. Achieve optimal acoustics in your space by strategically positioning acoustic panels.

Yes, acoustic panels are worth it as they improve sound quality by reducing echoes, reverberation, and unwanted reflections. They enhance speech intelligibility, reduce external noise, and create an immersive listening experience. With various design options, they can also complement the aesthetics of a room. Easy to install, acoustic panels offer flexibility and versatility for different spaces. Consulting with professionals ensures optimal results.

Acoustic panels, such as EQ Acoustic's panels, are made from a material called Friendly Fibre. Friendly Fibre is a type of polyester that is derived from 100% polyester fibers. This material is specifically designed for sound absorption and is used to create acoustic panels with excellent acoustic properties. The polyester composition of Friendly Fibre makes it a durable and effective choice for sound treatment solutions.

Acoustic panels work by trapping and converting sound energy into heat. Their porous nature allows them to capture sound waves, preventing them from reflecting off hard surfaces and causing echo or reverb.

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