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Kilo Wool Serge Curtains
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Frequently Asked Questions About Acoustic Curtains

To correctly install acoustic curtains, purchase a standard 28mm curtain pole or a curtain track with hooks. Follow the instructions from the pole/track manufacturer for proper installation. Hang the curtains, adjust as needed, and consider additional accessories for functionality and aesthetics. Follow specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer for best results.

Acoustic curtains are made from 100% wool material and are fire-resistant to BS5867 (DFR). However, additional fire treatments may be required to meet specific fire safety regulations. Consult with local authorities for compliance.

The number of acoustic curtains needed for your window or room size depends on factors such as the dimensions of the space and desired coverage. Standard acoustic curtains are 1.4 meters wide, and the quantity can be estimated by dividing the window width by this standard width. Custom sizes are available for unique dimensions. Consulting with acoustic specialists provides personalized recommendations for optimal sound control.

Yes, we offer the option to order custom-sized acoustic curtains. This allows you to tailor the curtains to fit your specific window or room dimensions. With custom sizes, you can ensure a precise and optimal fit for your sound control needs. When placing your order, provide the required measurements to avail of the custom sizing option.

No, the curtain rods or other mounting hardware are not included with the purchase. However, the acoustic curtains come with eyelets that make it easy to hang them on existing curtain rods or other mounting systems. You will need to provide your own curtain rods or hardware suitable for your specific installation requirements. Ensure the curtain rods or mounting hardware are compatible with the eyelets on the curtains for proper installation.

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