INCREASE THE ACCURACY OF YOUR HI-FI SET UP and Hear music as the artists and producers heard it in the recording studio

For the music lover, sound is emotion. The better the sound quality, the deeper the connection.

Hi-fi enthusiasts are no strangers to investing in better equipment in pursuit of audio excellence but often overlook the role of the space they're listening in. Acoustic treatment improves the accuracy of sound production and unlocks the true potential of your hi-fi set-up. Pursue clarity, eradicate harshness and other unwanted artefacts from your audio system with acoustic treatment in your music room.

Acoustic treatment for Hi-Fi rooms

A holistic approach acknowledges YOUR room as A KEY COMPONENT of YOUR hi-fi system.

A proper understanding of the effect speaker position has on frequency response, for example, can yield a significant clarity upgrade for zero cost. Low frequencies can become fuller and less boomy, whilst the mids and highs exude a more spacious quality and convincing stereo image.

Effective acoustic treatment takes your set up even further, taming the echoes and reverberation that colour frequency response and mask detail in the music. We offer a wide range of acoustic treatment options that can unlock the true potential of your Hi-Fi system, from printed acoustic panels to corner bass traps and acoustic curtains.

For some, hearing music as the artists and producers heard it in the recording studio is the highest ideal. For those obsessed with accurate audio reproduction, acoustic treatment is as essential as in any recording studio.

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