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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
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L10 Bass TrapL10 Bass Trap
L10 Bass Trap
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L10 Corner TrapL10 Corner Trap
L10C Corner Bass Trap
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S10C Corner Bass TrapsS10C Corner Bass Traps
S10C Corner Bass Traps
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Frequently Asked Questions About Bass Traps

Yes, Bass traps are worth it for improved sound quality and control, addressing low-frequency issues and enhancing sound clarity. They help control bass buildup, achieve balanced acoustics, and optimize recording and mixing environments. Bass traps offer versatility, customization, and aesthetic appeal. Consulting with acoustic specialists ensures optimal placement and results.

Bass traps, including EQ Acoustic's Bass Traps, are made from a material called Friendly Fibre. Friendly Fibre is specifically developed by EQ Acoustic and is composed of 100% polyester fibers. This material is designed to offer effective absorption of low-frequency sound waves and improve the acoustics of a room. With EQ Acoustic's Bass Traps made from Friendly Fibre, you can effectively address low-frequency issues and achieve enhanced sound quality in your space.

Yes, bass traps are environmentally friendly as they are made with 70% recycled plastic bottles, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability in acoustic treatment.

Achieving optimal sound quality requires considering the number of bass traps needed for effective low-frequency control. For small rooms, start with two bass traps, while medium rooms may require four to six, and larger rooms may need eight or more. The room's configuration and low-frequency challenges also impact the quantity.

Yes, our bass traps come with mounting hardware included. They are equipped with screw-less wall fixings, making installation convenient and hassle-free. You won't need to purchase mounting hardware separately as everything required for mounting the bass traps is included in the package.

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