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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
EQ Acoustic FabricEQ Acoustic Fabric
EQ Acoustic Fabric
Sale priceFrom £79.99
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Camira CaraCamira Cara
Camira Cara
Sale priceFrom £79.99
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Camira BlazerCamira Blazer
Camira Blazer
Sale price£1,089.99
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Camira Blazer LiteCamira Blazer Lite
Camira Blazer Lite
Sale priceFrom £229.99
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Camira CarlowCamira Carlow
Camira Carlow
Sale priceFrom £99.99
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Camira LuciaCamira Lucia
Camira Lucia
Sale priceFrom £179.99
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Camira Lucia CSCamira Lucia CS
Camira Lucia CS
Sale priceFrom £179.99
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Camira SonusCamira Sonus
Camira Sonus
Sale priceFrom £159.99
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Camera Synergy 170Camira Synergy 170
Camira Synergy 170
Sale priceFrom £309.99
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EQ Kilo Wool SergeEQ Kilo Wool Serge
EQ Acoustic Kilo Wool Serge
Sale priceFrom £114.99
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Frequently Asked Questions About Acoustic Fabrics

The acoustic fabric is sold in 20-meter rolls. This allows for flexibility in the amount of fabric needed for different projects. With the fabric sold in rolls, you can easily measure and cut it to your desired size, ensuring a precise fit for your acoustic treatment needs.

Acoustic fabric is made from different materials, and its fire resistance varies depending on the specific fabric. Some fabrics are inherently fire-resistant, while others may require additional treatments. When choosing acoustic fabric, consider its fire rating and compliance with fire safety regulations.

Acoustic fabric is effective in improving sound quality by absorbing sound waves, controlling reflections, and enhancing overall acoustic treatment. It contributes to reduced echoes, enhanced clarity, and a more balanced sound environment. Additionally, acoustic fabric adds an aesthetic element to the space. Proper installation and consideration of room characteristics are essential for optimal effectiveness.

To clean and care for acoustic fabric, regularly dust it with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. For spills or stains, use a damp cloth and mild soap for spot cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals and excessive sunlight exposure. Consider professional cleaning for deep cleaning or stubborn stains. These practices ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the acoustic fabric.

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