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EQ Acoustic Kilo Wool Serge


EQ Kilo Wool Serge
EQ Kilo Wool Serge EQ Kilo Wool Serge EQ Acoustic Kilo Wool Serge EQ Kilo Wool Serge

Sound-absorbing, high-density wool serge fabric for making acoustic curtains and drapes. Reduces reverberation within a room. Can improve privacy when used over doors and windows.

  • Size: 1.5M wide, 4mm thick
  • Colours: Black
  • Mounting Locations: Walls, Ceilings, Curtains

Ready-made curtains are available here.

Technical Info

Impact: Highly durable

Material: 100% wool serge, 865gsm

Fire: Fire resistant to BS5867 (DFR)

Usage: Suitable for schools, commercial and home use

Performance: Class A / broadband sound absorption, limited effectiveness as a noise barrier

Delivery Info

Price includes UK delivery.

Fabrics are normally dispatched within 2 working days. Please check stock before placing an order.


International and custom size enquiries

International delivery and custom sizes available. 

Get in touch to make an enquiry.


How to Install

This fabric can be stapled, tacked, sewn or draped.

Ready-made curtains are available here.



Can you supply finished curtains made from this fabric?

Yes, ready-made curtains are available here.

Does this fabric block loud noise?

No, this is a sound absorbing fabric used to reduce reflections in echoey spaces. It can also block a small amount of sound but not enough to stop nuisance noise such as music. See the Technical Info tab for acoustic performance.

Can I use this fabric to absorb low frequencies?

Not really. We would recommend Bass Traps for this purpose.

No, but we may have a suitable alternative fabric. Send us a message with your requirements.