La Barca Sound - Custom Acoustic Treatment for a New Recording Studio

With a change of location looming for La Barca Sound, owner Nick Sowden reached out to EQ Acoustics for support with the design of the new premises. EQ Acoustics helped Nick ensure the sound isolation in different areas of the build were up to scratch. Later in the project, EQ supplied custom acoustic treatments including veneered binary diffusers, sound absorbers and acoustic fabrics. The results are fantastic, both sonically and visually, and La Barca is fully booked with bands and artists coming in to record.

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R5 3D Acoustic Panels WaveR5 3D Acoustic Panels Wave
R5 3D Acoustic Panels Wave
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R5 Colour Acoustic PanelR5 Colour Acoustic Panel
R5 Colour Acoustic Panel
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R5 Acoustic Wood Panels WaveR5 Acoustic Wood Panels Wave
R5 Acoustic Wood Panels Wave
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