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FreeSpace Stand Mounted Acoustic Foam Panel

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Freespace Freespace FreeSpace Stand Mounted Acoustic Foam Panel Freespace Freespace Freespace Freespace FreeSpace Stand Mounted Acoustic Foam Panel

10cm thick stand mounted foam absorber for studios, voice-over and podcasting.

  • Size: 110cm x 57.5cm x 10cm
  • Pack Quantity: 1 unit per pack
  • Colours:  Graphite Grey
  • Mounting Locations: Mount on any microphone stand


Technical Info

Material: Open cell acoustic foam

Fire resistant to FMVSS 302

Suitable for home use

Performance: >0.75

How to Buy 

Project Foam products are made to order in around 7 days. Alternatively, find a stockist.


International and custom size enquiries

International delivery and custom sizes available. 

Get in touch to make an enquiry.


How to Install

FreeSpace is compatible with most standard microphone stands. Simply pushfit the FreeSpace onto the stand so it is gripped tightly by the groove in the back of the foam. FreeSpace can be mounted in portrait or landscape and in many cases multiple units can be fitted to a single mic stand.



1 - Can I soundproof my room with acoustic foam?

No – foam is for acoustic treatment. It can play a role in specific soundproofing projects but soundproofing is mainly achieved by adding mass (normally extra plasterboard or secondary glazing) so you may need to contact a builder.

3 - How much foam do I need?

It depends on the room’s size and purpose. As a rough guide bedroom studios (6-12 SQM floor area) require around 2-4 SQM of foam and larger rooms (12-20 SQM floor area) require 5-8 SQM of foam.

3 - Where should I put my acoustic foam tiles?

It depends on the room’s purpose and layout. Check out the Expert Acoustic Treatment Guide that comes in the box or head over to ‘EQ Acoustics Community’ Facebook group for some personalised advice.

4 - Can acoustic foam treat bass?

In principle yes, but in practice to absorb below 50Hz you would need very large foam traps. Polyester fibre bass traps such as Spectrum 2.0 Traps are more suitable.

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