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QR Acoustic Diffuser


QR Diffuser
QR Diffuser QR Diffuser QR Diffuser QR Diffuser QR Diffuser QR Diffuser QR Diffuser QR Acoustic Diffuser QR Acoustic Diffuser QR Acoustic Diffuser

Lightweight quadratic residue diffuser for home studios, live rooms and performance spaces.

  • Size: 57.5cm x 57.5cm x 5cm Trapezoid
  • Pack Quantity: 2 units per pack
  • Colours: Black
  • Mounting Locations: Walls, Ceilings. Minimum 52cm from listener.


Technical Info

Impact: Medium impact resistant


High Impact Thermoplastic (HIPS)

Fire resistant to UL94: HB

Suitable for home use

Performance: Diffusion frequencies: 1955Hz – 6370Hz; Scattering frequencies: 977Hz – 1955Hz


How to Buy 

Spectrum 2.0 products are made to order in around 7 days. Alternatively, find a stockist.


International and custom size enquiries

International delivery and custom sizes available. 

Get in touch to make an enquiry.

How to Install

Check QR Diffuser Installation Guide here.


1 - Do I need diffusers in my studio?

In small rooms, the priority is to have bass traps in the corners and acoustic tiles at the primary reflection points. Once these are installed, diffusion can be added to break up unwanted sound reflections without soaking up the remaining ambience.

2 - What are primary reflection points?

In a listening room (such as a studio control room or hifi room) there are a number of locations where sound from the studio monitors is reflected directly into the listener’s ears. The areas to the left and right and above the listening position are a priority and should be treated with acoustic tiles.

3 - Where should I place diffusers?

Diffusers should not be placed too close to a sound source or microphone. In a control room, they are best placed towards the back of the room on the walls and ceiling. For best results in a live room they should be distributed evenly around the walls and ceiling.

4 - Where can I learn more about diffusion?

Ask a question in our Facebook group and get a friendly and knowledgeable response.