Friendly Fibre® is the material of choice for safe, stylish and effective sound absorption at home, work and in public spaces.
Made from 100% PET (polyester), Friendly Fibre® is available in a variety of forms to suit various interior styles, colour palettes and acoustic needs.

Friendly Fibre® Key Benefits

• Sustainable: recycled content
• Durable: hard wearing and impact resistant
• Machinable: can be processed offering a wide range of design possibilities
• Colourful: wide range of fibre and facing colours available
• Quality: only high-grade material for consistency
• Fire safe: Euroclass B – approved for all environments including education and healthcare
• Sound absorption: up to and beyond Class A sound absorption
• Availability: large UK stock for fast turnaround

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Friendly Fibre® Variants

• Friendly Fibre Slab: 25mm & 50mm thick medium density insulation sheets in black, white and grey
• Friendly Fibre ToneFelt: 9, 12, 18 and 24mm thick, high density, coloured PET felt – 36+ colours depending on thickness
• Friendly Fibre Fabrics: A range of colours, textures and print options for wrapping and facing acoustic panels

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Why EQ Acoustics?

EQ Acoustics have been crafting market leading acoustic panels for over 20 years and are renowned in the industry for their product quality and exceptional service.

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Custom interior and product design service & in house CNC cutting and fabrication.


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Friendly Fibre® is used in the manufacture of:

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic Treatment for Studios

Acoustic Room Dividers

Acoustic Desk Dividers

Acoustic Wall Coverings

Acoustic Lighting

Seamless Wall Coverings

Friendly Fibre®: Design and Fabrication Options





Fabric Facing & Wrapping

3D Objects


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