Not all studio time is productive! Aside from problem solving and other distractions, only a portion of actual *music time* contributes to the finished track!

We’ve all been there countless times… Yesterday’s rough mix sounds better than the one you just spent 4 hours on. The vocals/instrument you spent half a day recording are flawed in some way and need to be tracked again. You took hours re-programming a part only to realise not as good as the one you started with.

Now, obviously, no creative process should be linear. Exploring, tweaking things and changing direction occasionally are what makes creativity fulfilling.

But we still want to get stuff finished to a high standard and move on to the next project.
Let me ask you this – can you actually hear properly in your studio?

Is the low end reasonably flat where you sit? Can you place things easily in the stereo image? Is the mid-range cutting through? Is your sweet spot large enough so you can actually move in your seat without the whole sound changing? Have you actually tested your monitors to see how they perform objectively?

Having helped literally thousands of musicians, producers and engineers to hear their work clearly and objectively I can tell you that the number one improvement they experience is efficiency. They stop wasting so much time second guessing things! They know they can trust their monitoring leaving them to focus on the important part – actually making good music.


If better results in less time, more enjoyment and less frustration sounds appealing then we should talk more. Fill in your details below and we will contact you to find out a little more about your particular studio, work flow and frustrations. From there we’ll put together a no obligation proposal for adjustments and improvements tailored specifically to you.


Example of Spectrum 2.0 Acoustic Treatment installation in a recording studio
"The acoustics of the room is the most important thing because it’s the symbiosis of how the speakers and the room are working together."
Bobby Owsinski (Engineer / Producer: Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Elvis, Neil Young, Iron Maiden, The Ramones…)


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