Studio Transformation with Dan Parkinson from @thestagefrightpodcast!

With help from our acoustic treatment experts Dan was able to upgrade the acoustic treatment in his cosy studio! 

He used a combination of our advanced bass traps and R5 Acoustic Panels including our Black/Grey reversible 3D Wave Panels, Wood 3D Wave Panels and Pure White Acoustic Panels.

Benefits of upgrading studio acoustic treatment:

  • Damp down unwanted echoes and reverberation for a controlled and professional sound
  • Experience a huge jump in audio quality, regardless of how good your speakers are
  • Improved listening clarity means better results for producers and audio engineers
  • Musicians and vocalists can capture pro sounding performances at home
  • Transform the look of your space so it resonates with your creative identity
  • Say goodbye to amateurish audio on videos and podcasts
  • Durable, fire-safe and beautiful products, designed and made in the UK
  • Simple and fast to install in any space, no tools required
- Watch the full transformation and find all the featured products below:

Studio Transformation

Featured collection

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R5 3D Acoustic Panels WaveR5 3D Acoustic Panels Wave
R5 3D Acoustic Panels Wave
Sale price£149.99
S10C Corner Bass TrapsS10C Corner Bass Traps
S10C Corner Bass Traps
Sale price£159.99
R5 Colour Acoustic PanelR5 Colour Acoustic Panel
R5 Colour Acoustic Panel
Sale price£129.99
R5 Pure Acoustic PanelsR5 Pure Acoustic Panels
R5 Pure Acoustic Panels
Sale priceFrom £139.99
R5 Acoustic Wood Panels WaveR5 Acoustic Wood Panels Wave
R5 Acoustic Wood Panels Wave
Sale price£269.99
R5 3D Acoustic Panels EDMR5 3D Acoustic Panels EDM
R5 3D Acoustic Panels EDM
Sale price£149.99


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