Acoustic Treatment for Studios and Homes

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
R5 3D Acoustic Panels WaveR5 3D Acoustic Panels Wave
R5 3D Acoustic Panels Wave
Sale price£149.99
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S10C Corner Bass TrapsS10C Corner Bass Traps
S10C Corner Bass Traps
Sale price£159.99
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R5 Colour Acoustic PanelR5 Colour Acoustic Panel
R5 Colour Acoustic Panel
Sale price£129.99
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R5 Pure Acoustic PanelsR5 Pure Acoustic Panels
R5 Pure Acoustic Panels
Sale priceFrom £139.99
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R5 Acoustic Wood Panels WaveR5 Acoustic Wood Panels Wave
R5 Acoustic Wood Panels Wave
Sale price£269.99
R5 3D Acoustic Panels EDMR5 3D Acoustic Panels EDM
R5 3D Acoustic Panels EDM
Sale price£149.99
R5 Printed Acoustic Panels EDMR5 Printed Acoustic Panels EDM
R5 Printed Acoustic Panels EDM
Sale price£229.99

Benefits for Musicians, Producers, Podcasters and DJs

Producers & DJs

Unlock your potential as a producer or DJ with our specially designed acoustic panels. They do more than just refine sound – they underline your dedication to audio excellence and precision.

  • Craft Your Signature Sound: Minimise room reflections for a cleaner mix, allowing your unique style to shine through.
  • Trust Your Ears: Balance your listening environment, ensuring that what you hear is an accurate representation of your mix.
  • Deliver with Confidence: Guarantee consistent sound quality across all playback systems, showcasing your professionalism.
  • Elevate Every Beat: From live streams to studio recordings, make sure your output always stands out.
  • Tailored for Precision: Our panels are crafted keeping in mind the intricate needs of producers and DJs, offering targeted sound enhancement.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily fit our panels into your studio setup, ensuring improved sound without any installation hassles.

Musicians & Vocalists

Elevate your recordings by eliminating distracting echoes. Our acoustic panels offer a nuanced environment where your voice and instruments can be captured with precision, allowing your musical identity to resonate clearly. Dive deep into a workspace that mirrors your dedication to artistry.

  • Precision in Every Note: Reduce sound reflections to ensure your recordings are crisp and true to your intentions.
  • Tune Your Space: Create an environment that complements your voice and instruments, amplifying their natural qualities.
  • Sound as Good as You Feel: Boost the quality of your demos and productions, making every session worthwhile.
  • Authentic Representation: Let your recordings mirror your artistry, without compromise.
  • A Space of Your Own: Design a haven for creativity where you can truly focus and innovate.
  • Hassle-free Setup: Integrate our panels effortlessly into your space, getting straight back to what you do best.

Podcasters & Youtubers

Make your sound and visuals equally compelling with our tailored acoustic panels. Rid your content of unwanted echoes and that hollow 'boxy' tone. Establish yourself as a professional in the digital space, ensuring every piece of content strikes a chord with your followers.

  • No More Audio Distortion: Address and eliminate common audio concerns, making sure your message is never lost.
  • Set the Right Scene: Complement your content with a visually appealing backdrop, elevating your production value.
  • Hear Every Word: Guarantee sharp, unambiguous audio, maximising viewer and listener engagement.
  • Show Your Dedication: Let your setup reflect your commitment to quality, bolstering your presence online.
  • Consistency is Key: Deliver reliable, top-tier quality in every video or podcast episode, solidifying trust with your audience.
  • Setup Made Simple: Integrate our panels seamlessly into your studio, ensuring you're always ready to create.

Watch our full studio transformation with Dan Parkinson from @thestagefrightpodcast!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Acoustic Treatment for Studios and Homes

As a creative team of musicians and producers, we have spent the last 20 years honing our acoustic technology. The result is our latest products – beautiful designs, highly effective, extremely durable, eco and allergy friendly, affordable… and crafted with the right balance love and science in our UK based workshops.

Acoustic foam gets a lot of negative press, some of it justified, some less so. It’s certainly a cheap material but Friendly Fibre™ is more effective, far more durable, less prone to unwanted odours, allows for more creative and attractive designs – and it doesn’t cost much more.

Yes – it couldn’t be easier to attach these panels to your walls with the included self-adhesive hook strips!

In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with your panels just return them to us in the condition and packaging you received them for a no-quibble refund.

Yes certainly! Just email us a few photos and a basic plan of your space with measurements in metres so we can revolutionise your space together!

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